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Despite the noise

Our mission

With creativity and inclusiveness as core values, we provide members with high-quality introduction, training, and exposure to the quantum computing industry and research.

Our Goals

  • Equip beginner students with specialized knowledge
  •  Create an environment that encourages self-learning
  • Provide students with high-quality resources
  • Foster an equitable and diverse community
  • Give students exposure to frontier research
  •  Inform students on the current opportunities in the quantum
    computing industry and host networking sessions
  • Facilitate the thriving quantum computing innovation ecosystem in
    British Columbia

What we can offer you!


Highlighting cutting-edge research and trends from leaders in industry and academia


Hands-on training sessions on various topics of quantum computing for students of all levels and backgrounds


Skill focused support for students interested in quantum computing from graduate student mentors

team in action


Commonly Asked Questions

Quantum computing is a new technology that harnesses that power of quantum mechanics to solve problems that are hard to solve on  even the most powerful classical computers nowadays

Business/Finance: Optimization problems, such as stock forecasting, portfolio management, and supply chain management

Arts Quantum computing as a new perspective in arts (artists are using QC as a new tool to realize visualizations and materialization that were not possible before)

Computer Science: Machine learning, cryptography, quantum internet

Molecular Sciences: Simulations for applications in drug discovery, materials science

Maintaining club logistics, hosting events.

  • Official Members get free access to Workshops and exclusive access to our mentorship program, and priority support on our Discord channel (you also get exclusive access to an end-of-term event!)

We have Instagram, Discord, LinkedIn, Facebook, and our own website. All of these can be accessed through our Beacons page

About UBCQ

We are in the process of planning activities for this Fall. Those will include workshops, seminars, industry nights, hackathons, and an original event created by the executive team. 

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