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💻 Greetings, the quantum technology community at UBC and beyond!

We are a team of UBC students, all with background in quantum computing research and organizational development. We have come together to found the UBC Quantum Club and we are now admitting community members (FREE)! (FYI: Official membership sign-up with fee $10/year will open soon)

🎲 About Us:

Canada is currently a top player in quantum computing, with strong research institutions and industry-leading startups, especially in British Columbia. This is due to the world-class publications produced by the UBC Quantum Computing Research Cluster and its close proximity to companies like D-Wave Systems and 1QBit, together forming a thriving quantum innovation ecosystem.

🎯 It is, therefore, more important now than ever for the UBC student community to engage in the learning and solving of quantum computing problems. Acknowledging the high barrier of entrance to this field, our team envisions the UBC Quantum Club to:

➡ Equip beginner students with specialized knowledge and training to get started with quantum computing
➡ Create an environment that encourages self-learning and peer-facilitated study on subjects required for quantum computing and quantum information research and application
➡ Provide students with high-quality resources and support on projects related to quantum computing
➡ Foster a community where student problem-solvers across disciplines collaborate on innovative quantum computing applications
➡ Give students exposure to frontier research on quantum information and computing being conducted at UBC and other universities
➡ Inform the general UBC students on the current opportunities in the quantum computing industry and host networking sessions
➡ Facilitate the thriving quantum computing innovation ecosystem in British Columbia

💻 To achieve the above purposes, here are the activities being planned by the founding team:

➡ Quantum Computing 101: educational content for students from various backgrounds
➡ Quantum Hackathon with students across Canada
➡ Regular Speaker Series with Professors and Industry Professionals
➡ Workshops for specialized topics in Quantum Computing and Information
➡ Industry Nights with quantum computing companies
➡ Provide mentorship opportunities to students to work on projects


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